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Scientific work
Saint-Petersburg, Universitetskaya embankment, 17.
phone: (812) 323-3578, (812) 323-6496








Scientific-Research museum of the Russian Academy of Arts keeps one of the world’s most significant architecture collections. About fifty thousand stored items are materials of the Russian and West European architecture from the ancient world till the 20th century which comprise unique design drawings, measuring, watercolors, paintings and patterns.
Rich and diverse architecture collections in the museum formed majorly due to its existence within the structure of the Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg established in 1757 as a center of painting and architecture activities, as well as a high school.


The start of the painting collection was laid by I.I. Shuvalov, the Academy’s first president, only one masterpiece of this collection has survived till now, and it’s a painting of a Venice painter Andrea Celesti “Killing the Infants”. This canvas, as well as paintings of artists of different European schools (Italian, German, Flemish, French and Belgian) of the15th – 19th centuries, gives us the opportunity to name the masters which creative work the Academy of Art strived to study.


The Museum’s sculpture collection is broad enough though it’s also relatively specific. The first works entered were the casts of the antique and European sculpture of the 12th-19th centuries, as well as sculptures of the Ancient and the Near East, of the ancient Russian monumental and decorative plastics. This is a unique due to its completeness and quality collection which consists of over 3,000 stored items. Cast played in important role in the process of study of young sculptors, replicating “antiques” was obligatory for future artists of all qualifications.


Academy of Arts’s Museum holds one of the Russia’s biggest collection of the academic study drawing of the 18th-20th centuries the basis of which is formed by studies made by the scholars and graduates of the Academy from plaster casts and from models, replicas of outstanding works of the graphic art, as well as independent compositions. This unique collection let us track the path of development of the national school of arts from the time of establishment the Academy in the middle of the 18th century up to the present time. This material is always in demand and the evidence of this is regular participation of the drawing fund’s items in numerous exhibitions both in Russia and abroad.

On 31st of July museum is closed.
On 20th of March museum is closed.

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