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The catalogue-album devoted to the collection of paintings and drawings of 17th-early 20th centuries

The Museum of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts for its 250-year anniversary published a catalogue-album, devoted to the collection of paintings and drawings of 17th-early 20th centuries. 126 color illustrations reproduce drawings and pictures of Russian and European masters from the museum collection and the permanent exposition “The History of Russian School of Art”. The author of the publication, the candidate of art history V.-I.T. Bogdan gives brief history of the oldest artistic collection of Russia and dwells on some most significant works in Russian school of art.
In entertaining form, using a large number of previously unknown facts and contemporary memoirs, V.-I.T. Bogdan tells about G.G. Gagarin, artists Ya.F. Tzionglinsky, N.I. Feshin, I.G. Myasoedov. It is the first time when the pictures of Myasoedov are reproduced, who used to be a very fashionable artist in his time, as well as copies from the works of Rafael and Titian made by G.K. Mikhailov, K.I. Rusetzky, G.I. Ugryumov, sketches of historical compositions by I.K. Kutuzov, F.F. Buchgoltz, A.V. Vysotzky, K.N. Kudryavtzev, I.I. Tvorozhnikov, K.I. Golembiovsky, S.M. Seidenberg. Particularly interesting are two sketches from the lost program for the small golden medal “The Angel Taking the Apostle Peter out of the Dungeon” by A.P. Ryabushkin, as well as recently restored large-scale canvas “Achilles Recognized”, 1789, by famous German artist A.M.A.K. Kaufman.
The researcher traces the history of the museum collection starting from 1758 and dwells on the most important stages of skill training in the classes of the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts and the Higher Art School thereat. The reader will see the drawings by the leaders of the Russian School, such as P.I. Sokolov, A.P. Losenko, A.Ye. Yegorov, I.N. Kramskoy, paintings by K.D. Flavitzky, I.Ye. Repin, K.A. Savitzky, S.V. Bakalovich, V.D. Polenov, N.K. Roerich, B.M. Kustodiev, as well as L. Giordano, G. Ladzarini.
The book was published in the series “Treasures of Russian Art” of "Bely Gorod" Publishing House, and is intended not only for professionals but for the general public as well.


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