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Drawing classes

The Academy of Fine Arts Museum was originally created as an educational institution, and the Department of Casts, situated on the ground floor around the Round Courtyard, played a considerable role in it.

Interest in the antiquity was instilled in students from their first days at the Academy. From the very beginning of their studies they were constantly surrounded by the antique. Teaching in the Academy of fine arts was based on the classic art standards. The collection of casts was very important for the education of future sculptors and painters. Copying from antiques was the main part of the course.

The collection of casts is unique in its completeness, selection methods and excellent quality of performance. All plaster casts are molded using the casts which were made from original works. This method was no longer in use after the middle of XIX century. Thus, the casts convey very accurately and authentically all plastic peculiarities of the originals and are of high artistic value comparable to that of original sculptures. Drawing and modeling from classical examples – antiques – were a required part of the training process.

Copying from “antiques” was supposed to teach young artists to create artistic works of perfect form and content, therefore the management of the Academy of Fine Arts made sure that the museum collection contained as many such statues as possible.

Today the museum has the honor to offer you the course of drawing from classical examples. Drawing classes (only by prior appointment by phone) will take place on Saturdays, the duration is about 3 hours. Classes will be given by the teaching staff of Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. The first class will be on October 3 (10?).

If you wish to take part in drawing classes, please call us at: +7.911.257.02.89.


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On 31st of July museum is closed.
On 20th of March museum is closed.

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