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Ilya Repin anniversary is celebrated in America

Ilya Repin's birth date 165th anniversary is celebrated not only in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, but also in America.

The famous American artist of Spanish origin Angel Orensanz, who is recognized around the world for his bright spatial installations and conceptual performances, a prize-winner of international awards, a frequent participator and a winner of the most prestigious forum of modern art – Venetian biennale, the member of the RussianAcademy of Arts since 2008, is well known in Russia too. His art objects were to be seen in the main squares of Petersburg and Moscow. In 2006 in the gala courtyard of the MarblePalace he presented the exhibition “Sails of hope”, and in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art – “Zero Gravity” project. (2008) Orensanz has come to Russia many times, visited the Repin’s estate “Penaty”, and is very well aware of the artist's heritage. To honor the personality and the artistic talent of the great master and to commemorate the 165th anniversary of Repin’s birthday, Angel Orensanz and his foundation in New-York have arranged two events: The installation by Angel Orensanz “From the Gulf of Finland to the New York bay” will be opened on August 8 on the Governors island in the Angel Orensanz Summer Museum.

                                      The concert of Russian music will take place on the same day at 4 p.m. at the Orensanz Foundation in Northfolk street. Pieces by Musorgsky and Glazunov – Repin’s favorite composers – will be played at the anniversary concert.


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