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“When Repin lived here” exhibition took place in Sestroretsk on 14 – 24 August.

“When Repin lived here” exhibition took place from 14 to 24 August in Sestroretsk town at the building of Kurortny District Administration within the framework of “Petersburg Repin’s Festival” devoted to the 165th anniversary of Ilya Repin’s birthday and 110th anniversary of the foundation of "Penaty" estate. Over one hundred photographs of pre-revolution postcards with views of cottage villages on the Northern coast of the Gulf of Finland were displayed.
Old names of Ollila, Kuokkala, Terioki can be read in the postcards showing cosy streets, houses of fancy architecture with towers and verandas. Some of them are real masterpieces of northern wooden art nouveau, like the villa of the famous architect Baranovsky in Kellomyaki. Unfortunately, very little survived of the buildings of the beginning of the century after severe wars that affected this area as well. Unique photographs, displayed at the exhibition, recreate the look and unpretentious comfort of favorite recreation places of St Petersburg dwellers.


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