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Scientific work
Saint-Petersburg, Universitetskaya embankment, 17.
phone: (812) 323-3578, (812) 323-6496







  • Changes in the schedule for the home museum of I. E. Repin

  • Series of lectures “Imperial Academy of three noblest arts”. Begin on October, 16th

  • The state award "The honored worker of culture of Russian Fediration" was delivered to E.A.Savinova,the research assistant of museum (keeper of fund of architectural models).

  • Visit of duke Nicolas von Leuchtenberg

  • Electronic catalog «The Exposition of I.I.Brodsky apartment museum: the Ladder and the Workshop».

  • Master class by artist Ya. O. Shkandriy

  • Press conference

  • V. T. Bogdan, candidate of art history, vice director for research work of the Museum of the Academy of Arts, is giving lecture on the topic: Exhibition “Self-portrait and Portrait of the Artist. XVIII-XXI centuries»

  • American artist and teacher Sharon Sprung, National Design Academy, New-York, giving a master class and meeting students

  • Master class of the artist Nikolay Blokhin

  • International scientific seminar “Self-portrait and portrait of an artist. 18-21 centuries»

  • International research and practice conference dedicated to the 250-year anniversary of the architect A.N. Voronikhin (1759-1814)

  • P. P. Chistyakov house museum is open after restoration

  • Master class of Petersburg artist and teacher of Repin's Institute Nikolay Blokhin and his students

  • “Repin’s readings 2009” conference

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  • On 31st of July museum is closed.
    On 20th of March museum is closed.

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