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Music of the Infinite

Discovered by the New York art scene and now a worldwide art phenomenon, child prodigy Aelita Andre will unveil her new exhibition "Music of the Infinite"at the prestigious and internationally renowned The Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum in St Petersburg, Russia­ the first time in history a child has a museum solo show anywhere in the world.

Opening night Performance

Aelita will perform liveher sound painting concert, officially opening her groundbreaking exhibition combining painting, music and technology in the Blue Room,showcasing over 50 works spanning Aelita Andre's 9 year career.

"I want to give voice to my paintings. My paintings are portals into the infinite” ­ Aelita Andre

The paintings become aural soundscapes as Aelita 'plays' her work ­ a revolutionary new technique in art fusing painting and sound. Also featuring in the exhibition Aelita plays her painted violin, which with their completely transformed tonal structure, creates new and extraordinary sounds ­ Aelita’s symphony for the future.

Aelita is the founder and foremost proponent of the new art movement 'Magical Expressionism.' Colours are pure; streams and shapes flow with energy and freedom from a wellspring of unfettered subconscious impulses. Riotous eruptions of color and spectral streams of paint create phantasmagorical images and objects emerging from the canvas, ebbing and flowing in layered waves of uncanny visions in the spectator's mind like a surreal dreamscape. The exhibition brings together for the first time her extraordinary works from 2008 to 2016 as well as unveiling a body of new works from her 2016 'Sound of the Cosmos' series. On show are Aelita’s abstract works, sketches, sculpture, digital art, sound paintings and micro­photography.

Ruv Nemirovsky, former Professor, St. Petersburg Fine Art Academy, declared, “Aelita Andre is the Mozart of the Visual Arts”.

Robert Nelson, Australian Art critic and Professor of Monash University called Aelita's works, "magical, incredible and joyful with a gestural vivacity...with amazingly liberated gestures...of unique cultural benefit...Culturally Significant, free from Oppressive Western Traditions".

Germaine Greer in The Guardian described Aelita’s paintings as, "Vivid Abstracts Full of Life, Movement and Dazzling Colour"

Peter Gagliardi from Gagliardi Gallery, London said, “Aelita Andre is a Genius"

Aelita has featured in: BBC, CBC, NBC, ABC, Good Morning America & 60 Minutes.

She has garnered extensive praise in: The New York Times , the Guardian, The Atlantic, Forbes & Huffington Post.

● Aelita had a sellout solo show in Chelsea, New York and has held solo exhibitions in China, Hong Kong, Australia, Europe and America ­ staging four Solo shows alone in New York.

● Aelita Andre painted live on stage in front of an audience of 20,000 in the USA ­ the largest single audience ever for a live painting.

WHEN:Friday September 2 to October 2

OPENING NIGHT:Friday September 2; Press Conference:3pm Ceremony:4pm.

WHERE:Academy of Fine Arts Museum, 17 University Embankment, St Petersburg, 199034, Russia

CONTACT:The Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum:

Tel.+7 (812) 3236496, email:

Aelita Andre’s website:


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