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The exhibition of the works of the French artist Philippe Roman

On the 22 of April at 15.00 the Grand opening of the exhibition of the works of the French artist Philippe Roman (1927 - 1999) will take place on the second floor of the Art Academy Museum. At 14.00 there will be a round table on the subject “The Parallel History of Art in Europe”. The round table will be moderated by Jean Claire, member of the French Academy and Odile Bombard, lecturer at the Institute of Literature Researches College de France.
The theories of Futurism, Cubism, Suprematism, Bauhaus and other avant-garde art directions that emerged after World War I have become the historical base and the right of existence for other forms of modern art. The weak side of these theories is the ideological and teleological character of the researches and the lack of studies on the artists who were not part of any of these mainstreams tendencies in art. Sometimes we only nowadays can evaluate their oeuvre.
Philippe Roman is one such “lost in History, but saved by Time” artists. The road of his life was unusual. From a banker in Lebanon at the time when this country was under the French, the artist step by step became lonely and unknown. During his lifetime the painter had a number of important meetings which had a great impact on his view on life. For example the meetings with Pierre Jean Jouve, the French poet, who stood between Balthasar Kłossowski de Rola and Georges Bataille in the field of literature in 1930ies and had a great influence on the young people of 1960ies. Or the meetings with Jouve's future wife Blanche Reverchon, one of the pioneers of the psychoanalysis in Switzerland. The meeting with Balthasar Kłossowski de Rola had a decisive influence on the career of Philip Roman: he left the bank for good in order to devote himself to painting.     
Roman was influenced by Jouve, Freud's psychoanalysis, Balthus, and his strong preference for the works ofHonoré de Balzac andStendhal. He had an interest in the creativity of Henry James, Arthur Schnitzler and Fedor Dostoevsky that is exceptional for a French person of traditional culture. The high cultural intellect of Philip Roman was oriented on Middle Europe, Germany and Russia more than on his native French tradition. The contradictions of the human soul interested him more than the facts and reasons of the mind. 
Jean Claire, member of French Academy
 The exhibition will be open for visitors until 22 of May 2011.
Contact phone number: 323-35-78; 323-64-96; +7921-997-08-58


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