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A stroll beyond the horizon. An exhibition of works by Anton Leuhin

Since the 6th of May, 2015 the memorial museum of Pavel Chistyakov has been hosting an exhibition “A stroll beyond the horizon” featuring works by the Petersburg artist Anton Leuhin. Artistic personality of the artist revealed itself when Anton was a student at the Petersburg’s College of Art and Design already named after A. L. Shtiglits (which is informally called “Muha” as during the Soviet times it used to be named after Vera Muhina, famous soviet sculptor). Today “Muha” is a brand, some say it is a Petersburg’s Bauhaus school. However, besides the “Muha” art college, the artist graduated from the Art College named after Feshin, the painting studios of A. P. Zaytsev and S. S. Bitseraev and not to mention his parents who both devoted their lives to art. These art practices and education all together formed Anton’s individual artistic view. 

His first professional achievements can be traced back to the “Muha’s” plain-air art trips (under the conduction of a professor of drawing T. E. Gudova) to Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, Thailand, France, Italy, Portugal etc. Each trip helped young artists to discover their talents.

After an exhibition of those works had been organized, people simply called those artists the new impressionists of the plain-air “Muha’s” trips. To illustrate the bold comparison one may look at the picture “The Green House of the artist Bozko Bozevich” which Anton created in 2006 in Montenegro. The painting is an evidence of Anton’s obsession with light and color.

The “Yellow river” painting Anton made when the plain-air group of the artists visited Thailand in the next 2007 year. In such different from Russia countries artists used to bloom in the sense of artistic search and experience, said T. E. Gudova, the supervisor of the project and a drawing professor. 

In Spain, in 2008, Anton Leuhin was fascinated by the idea of movement. The artist examined a moving object in the cityscapes of Barcelona. Pictures of that period can be determined with trembling lights, bright colors and a general disintegration of the whole which symbolizes here different stages of movement. 

The exhibition “A stroll beyond the horizon” is the first solo exhibition of Anton Leuhin’s work. It will run until the 6th of June, 2015 in the museum of Pavel Chistyakov, the branch of the Art Academy Research museum located in Pushkin.


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