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Ilya Repin’s progenies: an exhibition of artwork by the students of Ilya Repin at the Memorial Museum “Penates”

From the 5th of June, 2015 the Memorial Museum of  Ilya Repin has been hosting an exhibition featuring Repin progenies’ paintings and graphics from the collection of Petersburg’s art gallery KGallery.

Ilya Repin devoted nearly fourteen years to pedagogical work. From 1894 to 1907 the artist run the studio at the Art College at the Academy of Fine Arts and used to teach private lessons. The number of students of Ilya Repin can be counted up to 150 names. Among those artists whose works are displayed there are well-known artists such as V. Serov, F. Malyavin, N. Feshin, B. Kustodiev etc. and less famous but same appealing  artists: K. Veshilov, O. Kardovskaya, I. Grabovsky, G. Bobrovsky and  P. Naumov. Rarely displaying works by the son of Ilya Repin, Yury Repin, are among the highlights of the exhibition.

The exhibition shows a different, non-academic side of the teaching process by Ilya Repin: it shows variety of art paths that his students experienced. In addition, the exhibition gives an overview of the artistic spirit and cultural trends in Russia at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. 

The exhibition will be on display until the 2nd of August, 2015 at the Memorial Museum “Penates” (Primorskoe highway, 411, Repino township) 


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