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Exhibition of diploma works by graduating students of the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Repin

The halls of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum will host a traditional annual exhibition of thesis works by students graduating from the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Repin. The grand opening will take place on July 3, 2015.
This final exhibition definitely generates active interest among the visitors to the museum. This is not an accident, since what is interesting to our young painters, sculptors and sketch artists, what draws their attention and what is left beyond their artistic interests and ambitions can in great deal define the current state and future development of our pictorial art.
On one hand, the graduation works are performed within the boundaries of the educational program and are its final outcome; the result of the combined efforts of the students, their teachers and the school in general. In this regard, they are called on to demonstrate those professional qualities and experiences which the creators were able to acquire throughout their six years of study at the Institute.

With this year’s diploma works, it’s possible to clearly define the succession of traditions as well as a deep absorption of the best examples of the art world’s classical heritage, which the oldest art school in the country orients its students in. On the other hand, the diploma work is the first serious experience of independent solutions to creative challenges and the testing of personal strengths and abilities, not only professional but also personal. Through this particular quality, the works proposed at the exhibition allow us to judge the worldly understanding of the young authors: their human predilection in their ability to personally and figuratively embody their forethoughts. Ripeness and experience certainly come with age but it is particularly in our youth that we form the basis of our personality’s emotional and moral development.

As it takes place at the actual workshop facility, the monumental exhibition is interesting in such way that you can witness every step in its conception; from the preparation of sketches to the placement of art work in the interior of the building. The work exhibited by the graphic department bears testimony to the professional preparedness of the young artists, the broad scope of their creative interests and their confident disposition of various graphical techniques. Linocuts, xylography, gravures, feather and pastel sketches, aquarelle, tempera, gouache – this is an incomplete list of various techniques and materials that were used by the artists in their creations.

As for the graduates of the sculpture department, we can indisputably talk about the diversity of their interests, ease in depicting form and their expression of figurative language.
The scope of objectives of the future architects is also very broad. These include residential development projects and retail-entertainment complexes as well as landscape architecture. 
The creations by the graduates from the Institute named after Ilya Repin all have their own unique qualities and vary in the difficulty of the selected subject. The overall artistic level of the works is definitely high, and without a doubt, the majority of them will leave their viewers deeply moved.

The exhibition is open until the 26th of July,2015.


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