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Valentin Serov. Art works by the artist from the art collection of Isaak Brodsky

From the 22 of July, 2015, the memorial museum of Isaak Brodsky has been hosting an exhibition of works by one of the most renowned Russian artist Valentin Serov. 

The exhibition commemorates the 150th anniversary of the artist’s birth and displays paintings, watercolors and drawings by the artist. Works by Valentin Serov from the collection of Isaak Brodsky have always been a part of many significant exhibitions of Russian art worldwide. This project, however, shows all 24 art works from this collection all together at once.

 Isaak Brodsky considered Valentin Serov to be one of the most important national artists of Russia. Remembering his magnificent student (who Valentin Serov was to Ilay Repin), Ilya Repin once said “the art of Serov is like a precious stone: the more you gaze into it, the deeper it drags you into its depths”.

 The exhibition features landscapes and works depicting various animals. Animalistic art took a considerable part of the Serov’s oeuvre: one will probably find our fellow creatures almost in each work. Until the last days of his life Serov worked on the series of animalistic illustrations to Ivan Krylov fables.

In 1890 Valentic Serov together with another famous landscape artist Konstantin Korovin created the vast painting “Jesus walking on water” for a local church of Kozma and Damian in Kostroma. The storm at the sea was painted by Korovin while Serov worked on figures.  The art collection of Isaak Brodsky has a powerful sketch by Serov which depicts the head of Jesus.

The artist was fascinated by the ancient history and art. The interest grew even further after Serov’s visits to Crimea and, later, to Greece. The exhibition displays one of the variants of his famous work “The abduction of Europe”.

The exhibition also shows few drawings by Serov. An art historian and a contemporary of the artist Igor Grabar thought of Serov’s graphic works as something being even more significant than his paintings. In the end of 1890s Serov turned to the nude genre. 

Overall, the exhibition, based on the works collected by Isaak Brodsky, covers the main techniques and genres in which Serov used to work. It widely represents the artist’s talent: portraits, landscapes, animalistic genre, illustrations and historical genres.

 The exhibition will run until the 9 of August in the halls of the memorial museum of Isaak Brodsky.  



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