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Isaak Brodsky as an art collector. Art works from the collection of the Memorial museum of Isaak Brodsky

From the 25th of November the Memorial museum of Isaak Brodsky is hosting an exhibition dedicated to the artist Isaak Brodsky, yet as an art collector. The collection of Isaak Brodsky represents vividly the time period which the artist lived through: the core of the collection are works of Brodsky’s contemporaries.

Already being a student the future artist started to collect art; an impetus was given by Ilya Repin, Brodsky’s teacher, who presented to one of his favorite apprentices three original drawings. The collection was noted by the artistic society as it had such masterpieces as by Ilya Repin, Pavel Chistyakov, Ivan Aivazovsky, Vladimir  Zamirailo, Fedor Malyavin, Evgeny Lancere, Boris Kustodiev, etc.

The collection characterizes the owner as a person who highly valued art and had an exceptional taste for it. It consists of small intimae art works as well as vast canvases, thus provides a viewer with an all-around feeling of Russian art of that time.

The exhibition is open until the 20th of December, 2015, in the halls of the Isaak Brodsky museum. 



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