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Exhibition "Exit. Vik" at the Isaac Brodsky Apartment Museum

The “EXIT” exhibition of the St Petersburg artist, known as VIK, will take place from February 28 till March 28, 2018, at the Apartment Museum of Isaac Brodsky. At this exhibition, commemorating the 65th anniversary of VIK’s birth, paintings of various periods of the artist’s life will be presented. The official opening will take place on March 1 at 17:30.

VIK (Vyacheslav Zabelin) (1953 – 2016) is an outstanding representative of the Petersburg “Underground Art”. He graduated from the Leningrad School of Arts named after Valentin Serov and used to work as a restorer in the Peterhof Palace Museum, as a scenic artist in the Alexandrinsky Theater and at the Demmeni Marionette Theater.

As one of the founders of the art group “Alipiy” VIK participated in creating the Community of Experimental Fine Arts and was a key figure in organizing the first wave of city galleries such as “Anna”, “Art-Collegium”, “Ariadne”. He was a member of the International community “Free Culture”, the Saint Petersburg Union of Artists and the Association of Russian Artists in Paris. Moreover he was the inventor and coordinator of international projects such as “Compendium”, “Harmonious Pallet”, “Measure of all Things” etc. Since 1970 he has been taking part in numerous exhibitions amongst which a large number of solo exhibitions.

The Exhibition concept is based on VIK’s characteristic perception of a painting as a kind of portal through which one penetrates into another dimension, boundless in culture and style, where the artist, as any human being, is free to choose his way of creativity, according to his vision of the world. This is the main reason to make art. The works, presented at this exhibition, allow feeling the power of the artist’s all-round talent and show different facets of his creativity.

At the exhibition VIK’s Album, in which his paintings, graphical works and his last years’ poems are published, will be presented. Eva Schell, a virtuoso pianist from the Tsarskoye Selo Art Gymnasium will participate to the event.

Curators: Elena Grigoriants, Anna Sheryagina. 


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