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“The heirs of the great art”

On the 15th of July at 3 p.m. in the Gala Hall of the Russian Art Academy Museum there will be an opening of the annual traditional exhibition of works by graduating students of the Institute of Painting,  Sculpture and architecture to the name of Ilya Repin – “The heirs of the great art”.
Each year this event generates a vital public interest. Thanks to the works of the young artists, visitors can see the artistic situation of Saint-Petersburg, Russia, can retrace themes which excite or worry modern Russian artists.  The graduating works are the result of the requirement of a study program and the collaboration of a student with a teacher, and even with the whole school. The purpose of such works is to demonstrate the professional features and skills which were gained during the six years of study. In these works you could also find allusions to the old masters’ paintings, which are seen as examples by the students of the oldest Art Institute in the country.  At the same time, the graduating work is also the first independent experience, the attempt of one’s own artistic possibilities, not only professional but also personal (the personal view on life, likes and dislikes, the ability to embody the ideas). For the first time on display will be lots of works by graduating students from almost all departments of the Institute of Ilya Repin.
From the Painting department, there are works of students from easel paintings and monumental, religious and historical, theatrical-decorative and restoration studios.
The Graphic department will be represented with works in different techniques such as woodcut, linocut, etchings, drawings, watercolor, tempera, gouache etc. Visitors will also find the layout of books. 
The works of the Sculpture department show us the virtuosi techniques, and the feeling of a material. Projects of new museums and shopping malls, living quarters of Saint-Petersburg and its suburbs will be shown by the students of the Architectural department.
It is the first time when visitors can get familiar with the best works about Russian and Foreign Art of students of the Art History department.
The reason of organizing such an exhibition is to show the modern situation of the art world in Russia. Despite the differences between the themes, techniques, ideas and genres, the exhibition presents a high level of works. Most of the students’ work for sure will find an emotional response from visitors and continue their lives outside the walls of the Art Academy Museum.
The Exhibition will be open till September 2011.


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