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“Ilya Repin, his family and heirs”. An exhibition of the memorial photographs

On the 21st July 2011 there was an opening of the Photo Exhibition on Ilya Repin and his family in the home-museum of Repin, “Penates”. It seems to be clear that in the archives of the Art Academy and the manor “Penates” there are lots of documents connected to the name of the artist Repin. But among all these data there is also a big amount of information about his relatives, his family. We have paid our attention to these exactly archived documents while organizing the exhibition. The main exhibits are photographs that have never been published.  Moreover among them we found a lot of so called “dilettante photos” made by family members and friends. Without such photos it is difficult to recreate the atmosphere of the life of Ilya Repin. The visitors can also see the pictures of the wife of Ilya Repin – Vera Alekseevna Shevcova, her brothers Alexey Alekseevich and Pavel Alekseevich with their wives.

Aleksey Shevcov was an Officer of Artillery of the Russian army. He and his family visited Repin’s family very often.   The artist Repin painted portraits of them – “Preparation for the exam” (1864), “Portrait of E. D. Shevcova” (1865). The Shevcov family was also at the Belarus manor of Ilya Repin “Zdravnevo” where in 1894 Yury Repin, the son of the great painter Ilya Repin, who was also an artist, painted two pairs of portraits of the Shevcov‘s family. Photo portraits of Shevcov family were preserved by Repin’s oldest daughter – Vera Ilinichna. The photos from different years of Vera herself (1872-1948), her brother Yury (1877-1954) and sisters Nadejda (1874-1931) and Tatyana (1880-1957) are also on display. There were a lot of photos made in “Penates”, people enjoyed making photos. Famous photographers used to visit the manor – Bulla, Panov, Ufland whose works audience also can find in the exhibition. The owners of the manor “Penates” Ilya Repin and his wife Natalia were good masters in photography themselves. They didn’t miss a single moment from the life of the manor.

In the beginning of the 20th century a house of Yury Repin, the son of the great artist was located on the territory of the manor “Penates”. He used to call it “Wigwam”. Yury was living in this house for a while with his family. The photographs of Yury and his family with the “Wigwam” on the background are also presented in the exposition.

Ilya Repin received a lot of letters from Tatyana Ilinichna Repina (by the time already Tatyana Yazeva), his youngest daughter and her family who lived in the Belarus manor “Zdravnevo”.  Photographs depicting their life in “Zdravnevo” were attached to these letters. After Ilya Repin’s death in 1930 the family of Yazeva-Dyakonova (Dyakonova was a surname of Ilya Repin’s granddaughter Tasya) moved to France where they bought a small house close to Lyon. The next generation in the family of Ilya Repin is depicted on the photographs of the 1960-1980-s.

The exhibition is open till 30th October. 

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Репины в Пенатах

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