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The Exhibition of Olga Florenskaya and Aleksandr Florensky: “City N”

From September 17th until October 16th in Saint-Petersburg, a festival will take place: “Contemporary Art in a Traditional Museum”. It is being organized by the fund “PRO ARTE”. One of the projects at this festival is the exhibition of Olga Florenskaya and Aleksandr Florensky: “City N”. The “City N” project consists of a few architectural objects. The objects mirror different public constructions typically found in the average European city: a Town Hall, Palace, Theatre, Post Office, Prison, etc.   These complex and 3-dimentional objects are made from so called “found materials” or, to put it simply, out of different everyday and antiquarian things. Interestingly, here discarded and ‘contemptible’ things like an outdated bucket or washstand have the same ‘rights’ and value as ‘noble’ copper, or wooden and silver antique details. In Saint-Petersburg, this project “City N” will be exhibited for the first time. The project will be opened on the third floor of the Art Academy Museum.
About the authors:
Olga Florenskaya (born in 1960) and Aleksandr Florensky (born in 1960) both graduated in 1982 from the Leningrad Mukhina College of Art and Design. The artists participated in the creation of the Russian Art Group “Mit’ki” (1985). In 1990 Olga and Aleksandr (O&A) had an internship at the Institut des Hautes Etudes en Arts Plastiques (director: Pontus Hulten) (1990). The artists are members of the Russian Union of Artists. They are the authors of several animated movies: MITKIMAIER (1992), The Story of a Miracle of Miracles (Olga Florenskaya, 1994) and Captured movies (O&A Florensky, 2004). O&A Florensky have participated in Russian and International film festivals (1993-2005) and founded the MITKILIBRIS publishing house (1994).
Alexander Florensky is one of the founders of, and was curator of, the MITKI-VHUTEMAS art center in St. Petersburg (1997-2005); in 2003-2004 he was the chief artist and curator of Adresa Peterburga magazine. Since 2006, Alexander Florensky has been the head of the contemporary art department of the Tsarskoselsky Collection State Museum. Since 1994, O&A Florensky have worked together on big projects (Movement Towards Iye, Moveable Bestiary, Local Time, Russian Trophy, Russian Patent, Wilhelm Winter's Universal Museum, etc.). In 2004, A. Florensky (together with I. Sotnikov) created the Society of Amateurs of Painting and Drawing. Their works are kept in different museums around the world. The artists live and work in St Petersburg and Tbilisi.


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