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The Week of the Russian Avant Garde in Saint Petersburg

The German cultural center after Goethe represents a series of exhibitions in October, 2008 in the Ceremonial halls of the Scientific-Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts within the framework of the program “The weeks of the Russian Avant Garge in Saint Petersburg”. The exhibitions are devoted to the reflection of this movement in the German architecture, particularly to the exhibition of the residential quarters of Berlin Art Nouveau and expositions devoted to the creative life of the architects Bruno Taut and Erich Mendelson. The “Week” is a part of a vast program “Petersburg Dialogue 2008” which will take place this year in autumn in Saint Petersburg the fourth time. 
            The exhibition will consist of the three departments:
1.                 Bruno Taut is a master (architect) of colored (colorful) houses in Berlin.
The purpose of the exhibition is to make the spectator acquainted with the creative work of an outstanding German innovative architect. The main stress is made on the works made by the architect for Berlin and its suburbs. B.Taut had a substantial influence on the architecture of the 20th century. His ideas of colored or colorful architecture played and important role for subsequent generations.  His works in designing of so called Siedlungen (residential quarters) – social housing which was supposed to solve residential problems of overpopulated big cities were of no less importance. Bruno Taut had also a distinguished influence on the Soviet architecture of the 20s-30s.  In 1929 Bruno Taut was invited to the USSR.  During his visits to Moscow and Leningrad he many times met his colleagues of the Soviet Russia and took part in different sittings, discussions, conferences and spoke as a consulting expert in the matters of development of the mass housing.
2.                 Erich Mendelson. Dynamics and form. Images embodied by a cosmopolitan architect.
The purpose of this project is to present a large-scale monographic exhibition devoted to the creative work of a great German architect of the 20h century – Erich Mendelson. His fame spread far beyond the borders of Germany. Buildings created by him are in many countries of the world: Germany, Palestine, USA, Great Britain, Russia and Norway. His unique innovative architecture style had subsequently an essential influence on forming and development of the architecture process during the whole 20th century. He had also a straight influence on the Leningrad architecture school due to implementation of a project of a textile plant “Krasnoye znamya”. Mendelson visited Soviet Union several times, took part in different architecture conferences and meetings.
3.                 Life in monuments of the world heritage.
This exhibition covers the history of construction and renovation of six residential quarters of Berlin created within the period of 1913- 1934 projects of which were developed with participation of such famous German architects as Bruno Taut, Martin Wagner, Hans Scharun and Walter Gropius.
            The theme of a residential community is vital also for our city, as far as the development and implementation of the projects of worker settlements and factory districts had become a priority in Leningrad architecture of the 20s-30s.  In this time there were built numerous new residential districts in different parts of the city. Many of these buildings, as well as similar buildings in Berlin, claim to be included in the lists of the world heritage of UNESCO. 


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