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The exhibition of Alexander Tyutrin

On the 8th of February, 2012, The Art Academy Museum will host the grand opening of an exhibition featuring the work of Alexander Tyutrin. The exhibition, which will take place in Titian Hall, will feature more than 60 pieces, including portraits, landscapes, still lifes, genre paintings, and vast canvases.
Alexander Tyutrin was born in Leningrad. He graduated from the college of the Soviet Art Academy and proceeded to graduate with a degree in painting from the Ilya Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (the studio of Professor Yury Neprincev). Later, Tyutrin taught drawing at the Ilya Repin Institute. In 1978, Tyutrin became a member of the Artist’sUnion.
   Tyutrin developed his unique artistic style during the 1970s and 1980s. To some extent, his body of work was based on the traditional principles of academic art and on the experience of his predecessors. However, Tyutrin, like many of his contemporaries, challenged some of the traditional boundaries which had circumscribed art and he sought to perceive reality in a unique way. Among the variety of styles employed by Tyutrin, the “vast canvas” approach predominates. By using over-sized canvases, artists that employed this method depicted events from Russian history (contemporary or past), filling the huge space of their paintings with minute details and often reflecting many genres. Tyutrin, without a doubt, is an artist who finds his inspiration in the impressions lent to him by his experiences; these included his impressions of nature, events, and people.

Tyutrin’s work was grounded in the traditions of Russian realism, with its depth and insight, but also reflected French impressionism, with its powerful and often fascinating reflections on nature as well as the spontaneity of human moods, movement, and gestures. The road the artist Tyutrin has chosen is the road of knowledge, where he tests the true values of traditions and depicts his own impressions in his work. An important part of the artist’s education consisted of ways of portraying the natural world. Later on, he sketched nature scenes in the context of his “vast canvas” compositions.   
Portraiture, as an artistic genre, takes a special place in the work of Tyutrin. He masterfully depicts the incredibly true and deep characteristics of the models, revealing their personalities. Therefore he created a number of portraits which are on display at the upcoming exhibition. Whatever Tyutrin depicts, be it a bouquet of flowers by a window, the simplicity of a Russian rural landscape, or the faces of people he knows well, - he always reflects deep thoughts, and always paints his subjects with feeling while making oil paintings and sharing them with viewers. 

The exhibition is open from the 8th of February, 2012 until the 26th of February, 2012
Open hours: 11.00 – 18.00; the ticket office works until 17.15
Days off: Monday, Thursday.
Contactphone: 323-35-78; 323-64-96


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