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Vladimir Slepukhin “Poetry of en plein air”

On March 14th, 2012, The Isaak Brodsky Museum will host the opening of the “Poetry of en plein air” exhibition, featuring the work of Vladimir Ivanovich Slepukhin.
The artist was born in 1936.  In 1956 he graduated from the Grekov College of Arts in Rostov-on-Don. In 1966 the artist graduated from the monumental and decorative painting department of the Vera Mukhina Higher College of Arts and Industry in Leningrad. Vladimir Slepukhin became a member of the USSR’s Union of Artists in 1978. From the sixties through the eighties, the artist worked extensively on the design of monumental panels. He created a number of sketches, cartoons and panels for different Soviet cities. The artist was awarded first prize at the “Metrostroy” competition , which was organized by the Union of Artists. Vladimir Slepukhin created a series of ceramic panels for the decoration of Oktyabrskaya Hotel, Pulkovskya Hotel, and the Cavalry Building in the Oraniembaum Museum. The artist is currently working on easel paintings, and ‘lyrical’ landscapes. He also participates in exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Vladimir Slepukhin won a gold medal at the Winter Show exhibition which is a part of the “Best Show” (Framingham, Maine, USA). 


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