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Petr Gurjevich Korostelev. Paintings

“Seeing the character” is the way the artist expresses his attitude towards his work, which includes portraits as well as genre paintings on historical themes, landscapes and still lifes.  In each work he is searching for the unique character which determines the nature of the image as a whole. His artistic work can readily be likened to the transformation of a narrative into poetry. 
Korostelev developed his unique way of “looking and seeing” under the tutelage of Gorushkin-Skoropudov, his teacher at the Art College in Penza; he was also inspired by the work of famous artists, including Boris-Musatov, Petrov-Vodkin, Paul Cezanne, and Henry Matisse. Later, in Leningrad, the artist familiarized himself with the unique collections of the Russian Museum and the Hermitage. Korostelev was a soldier during the war; his wartime experiences influenced him profoundly, and in his work he struggles to portray harmony and beauty. These experiences also made him more patriotic and caused him to reflect on Russian culture. The heroes of his paintings include the poet Pushkin, Lermontov, the artist Levitan, the composer Musorgsky, and others. He has also painted the portraits of his contemporaries: the writer Shukshin, the poet Rubcov, the actor B. Freindlich, and others. His unique artistic talent brings the past together with the present. 
      Petr Korostelev has an extremely kind personally. He treats people gently and tries to “see their character”, and he is excited by the beauty around him.  His family helps him. His wife – Larisa Grabko, a pianist, inspires him to depict all of life’s colors and lyrical motifs. There is a saying: “an artist only stops existing if he has lost the gift to be excited” Petr Korostelev is certainly gifted in this respect. 


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