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GEOLOMORPHOSIS “Rock-Butterflies”. Archeoart exhibition by Chuck Davidson, USA at Museum "Estate of P.P. Chistyakov"

Chuck Davidson is world-known American artist-designer, more than 40 years working with such renowned watch companies as Citizen, Corum, Concord, Movado, Piaget.  His watch design work is represented in permanent collections of Washington Smithsonian Museum, Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York.

Chuck Davidson’s archeoart compositions, first exhibited at the State University of New York’s Fine Art Gallery and Main Entrance Arts Gallery of New York’s famous Empire State Building and now on the wings of butterflies Chuck Davidson has migrated across Atlantic Ocean to the cultural Capital of Russia.

Rock-Butterflies “Geolomorphosis" - is the latest in a series of very involving ”Archeoart” installations by the artist that represents absolutely amazing transformation of heavy rocks into light magical butterflies.

By his own words creating “Geolomorphosis” is a metamorphosis of the stone itself. Stone and unearthed man made objects, decayed and aged with patinas only time can paint, come to life and continues to live in another incarnation.”  The constructions express a social/environmental reunification and worth through their transformations.   The works rejuvenate the lifeless objects with new purpose, interactions and dependencies.  Old rocks become butterflies that emerge into a new dimension.  This is absolute metaphysics! 

Dominique Lambardi, Art-columnist of New-York Times characterizes Chuck Davidson’s Archaeoart as having "surrealistic tendencies". Mystical transformations of lost in time and earth artifacts.  Davidson’s talent and imagination brings exhausted objects back to life, magically, vividly, into expressive art-objects.


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