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ANNA TUORI, Paintings

People from all over the world are attracted to the works of the Finnish painter Anna Tuori –alumna of the Helsinki Art Academy and the Art Academy in Paris. Her works are in different museums such as the Tampere and Turku Museums, the Kiasma Museum of contemporary art and others. In 2006 and 2008 the artist was a laureate of the Ars Fennica and Carnegie Art Award prizes. In 2011 she became “The Young Artist of the Year”. The purpose of awarding the title of Young Artist of the Year is to stimulate conversation and promote the visibility of contemporary art.
Anna Tuori with her unique painterly language has spoken to Finnish and international art audiences for many years already, demonstrating her stylistic capacity for transformation. Recurring elements in Tuori’s works include dreamlike distorted worlds, disintegrating idylls, elements of horror, landscapes, faceless human figures and seemingly lost animals. The brushwork and the palette also occupy an important role in her art.
The artist often uses her life experience and perception in fantastic plots taken from fiction books and films, denying the limits of time and space. The mysterious and even terrifying atmosphere in the oeuvre of Anna Tuori has risen from age 5 when she saw gangsters’ films and American films classics, especially the ones with James Cagney as the main character. These films were not supposed to be seen by children. Thus, some of Anna Tuori’s works have titles which either lines from films or quotes from literature. Not that Anna Tuori used them as a source of inspiration but somehow these chaotic quotes characterize the mysterious works of the artists. 
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