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International Exhibition of Calligraphy

The first in Russia “International Exhibition of Calligraphy” is a cultural and educational project which is purposed not only to revive historical traditions of writing, but also to show educational and cultural importance of the project for spiritual development of a person, create an environment for further development and practical application of calligraphy as an art in the whole world. 
An essential part of the exhibition will be the museum exposition of the most interesting and unexplored patterns of the Slavic writing, historic manuscripts of the world’s nations, there will be presented a numerous collection of rare books, writing utensils of different periods, items of the applied calligraphy and specialized literature.
International status of the project is supported by participation of the best calligraphy schools of Russia, USA, Germany, Israel, Palestine, Mongolia, Italy, Syria, Ukraine, France, Belorussia, Australia, India, Turkey, Norway, Taiwan, China, Jordan, Peru and other countries. 
Within the framework of the project there was created the National Union of Calligraphers which, jointly with the publishing house “Redkaya kniga iz Sankt Peterburga” (Rare book from Saint Petersburg), will exhibit the first handwritten Constitution of the Russian Federation which is considered to become a distinguished symbol of resurrection of Russia.
On the first of August a ceremonial opening of the Modern Museum of Calligraphy took place. This event had become a significant for the whole country and was covered by some biggest TV channels and press media.
 The partners of the project already are the Global Club of Petersburg Citizens, Russian National Library, Russian State Library, Publishing House “Redkaya kniga iz Sankt Peterburga” , “Rossiyskaya gazeta” (Russian Newspaper), Publishing House “Argumenty i Facty”, Baltic Information Agency, Association of the Graduates of MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations);  leading national universities – MGIMO, MTU (Moscow State University); SPbGU (Saint Petersburg State University).
The project is approved by the state public institutes and is broadly supported by the public.
The Opening ceremony of the “International Exhibition of Calligraphy” will take place on the 17th of September, 2008 at 14.00 (invitation letters required).
More detailed information you can obtain in the official web-site of the project


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On 31st of July museum is closed.
On 20th of March museum is closed.

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