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"Nicholas Roerich in philocartia and publications of the 19-20th centuries"

The exhibition "Nicholas Roerich in philocartia and publications of the 19-20th centuries" is open from the 22, June until the 1, September in the halls of the Kuindji Museum. The highlights of the exhibition are collections from the Roerich Research Fund in Saint-Petersburg.Philocartia (collecting postcards) became a passion for the research fellows of the Roerich Research Fund in the 1990-s. Since that time the postcards collection have grown and became a great addition  to each of the exhibitions devoted to Roerich's oeuvre ("Roerichs: the world of East", 2006, the "Roerich Pact", 2010 or "The epoch of Roerich", 2010).

Nicholas Roerich was a Russian mystic, painter, philosopher, scientist, writer, traveler, and public figure. He is also known for the world famous "Roerich Pact: Peace through Culture", concerning the protection of Artistic and Scientific Institutions and Historic Monuments. A prolific artist, he created thousands of paintings (many of them are exhibited in well-known museums of the world) and a number of literary works. Roerich's many-sided cultural activities are recognized by awards from many governments of the world, and also by the titles of honor given him by scientific, public and cultural institutions, whose founder, protector, president and full member he was. In 1920-s the skyscraper in New York was built and later became a Roerich Museum. The list of his interests and public works cannot describe the breadth of his personality though.

The exhibition displays an interesting side of the Roerich's heritage. Since the artist was one of the most famous persons of the time, his paintings have been generously reproduced on postcards. The exhibited postcards mostly were published in Russia, USA, Latvia and India during the life of Roerich.

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