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Soviet Neorealism: 1953-1968

The exhibition “Soviet Neorealism. 1953 – 1968” is a part of the extensive project dedicated to the modern Academic School. The political background of the years 1953 and 1968 - the death of Stalin and the Prague Spring - are chosen as the time boundaries for this exhibition. Looking back from today, the most important historical event is undoubtedly the fall of the Iron Curtain. But it is well known that the Iron Curtain did not fall in one single day, and the first signs of change can be detected already in this time span. The feeling of novelty and the desire to get closer to this change - sensual women, elegant automobiles, stylish music -  was so strong that even a tiny look behind the “curtain” could be enough just to eclipse the reality and get a sense of the western luxurious and stylish way of life.  Everyone longed for brightness, clear colours and forms, and ornamentals. Probably people of that time did not take themselves as a part of Europe yet, but they definitely shared the spirit of free art. 
The exhibition features paintings, graphic works and architectural graphics from the collection of the Academy of Fine Arts. When taking a look at the students’ works made during that period, one can easily experience the feeling of time changing, the feeling that this incredible combination of Soviet culture with a Western one has a huge magnetic power. All this makes Soviet Neorealism not only a unique cultural phenomenon but also a very personal historical experience. 
The exhibition is organized together with the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in the name of I. E. Repin and the Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts. 
Curator – Semyon Mikhaylovsky 
Designers – Andrey Shelutto and Irina Chekmareva
The exhibition is open from the 15th, November until 10th, December.
After being exhibited in Saint-Petersburg (Art Academy) the exhibition is to be displayed in Moscow (The New Manege)
Working hours: Wednesday – Sunday, from 11.00 to 19.00. The ticket office works until 18.15 
Contact telephone:   +7 921 997 08 58; 323 64 96 Antonina Shakhanova


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