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Galina Rozhdestvenskaya. Crossings of colours. An exhibition marking the 90 years anniversary of the artist

Galina Rozhdestvenskaya was born in the regional center of Petushki (a well-known place because of the prose poem “Moskva - Petushki” by Venedict Erofeev) in a family of rural teachers. The artist’s grandfather was a rural church dean and her uncle, priest Alexander Rojdestvensky, was the founder  of the first Temperance Society in Saint-Petersburg. He also contributed to the construction of the ChristResurrectionChurch located at the Obvodny channel in Saint-Petersburg. In 1949 Galina Rozhdestvenskaya graduated from the Institute of Architecture in Moscow. She gained architectural experience and skills in the studio of the famous SovietarchitectI. V. Zholtovsky. Among her projects of that time the MarineCollege in Klaipėda and the office building in Barnaul are to be mentioned. In the 1950s Galina Rozhdestvenskaya married to Rodigin Sergey, a military engineer. In 1956 their son Alexander was born, and in 1958 their daughter Maria. By this time Galina Rozhdestvenskaya became extremely interested in painting. Her teachers were famous artists V.G. Veisberg (1924 - 1985) and V. I. Polyakov (1915-1977). All the skills acquainted in the Architectural Institute, together with the brilliant compositions and use of colours form the personal artistic style of Galina Rozhdestvenskaya. Among the works made by Galina Rozhdestvenskaya there are paintings that can be grouped into series. For example, in the 1960s when she had been travelling with her family to Crimea, she got fascinated by the marine genre. Later after her visits to the Russian countryside and Moscow's suburbs, the artist started developing works in the landscape and cityscape genres. In 1970s Galina Rozhdestvenskaya worked a lot on nude studies and also in a portrait genre. Among the models for her portraits there were mostly architects (e.g. portrait of V. I. Fedorov – the head architect of the Kremlin) and scientists (e.g. portrait of physicist Vadim Preobrazhensky). Rozhdestvenskaya's portraits representing workers from countryside are full of sincerity and good humor. In 1967 after Galina Rozhdestvenskaya became a widow she returned to the field of architectural design, mostly designs of interiors for industrial buildings. Due to frequent business trips the artist had the possibility to create a number of industrial landscapes (Togliatti, Sverdlovsk, Moscow, Naberezhnye Chelny).
All the works by Galina Rozhdestvenskaya are marked with a special exceptional revival artist’s view. Her acquaintances and friends were glad to pose as models for her portraits: they knew how fast Galina Rozhdestvenskaya could catch the image and character of a model using only watercolor, charcoal, or pencil. If the artist did not have a canvas she used to simply take other materials that were at hand – paper, cardboard, or even newspaper’s. In the basement of her house in Moscow Galina Rozhdestvenskaya established an Art Studio for children. While being a teacher she did a research on children's creativity. Galina Rozhdestvenskaya had a special pedagogical concept: It was her goal to make children not to lose their spontaneous perception of life and art while they were growing up. She declared that adults should learn from children how to perceive life. Amongst the followers of Galina Rozhdestvenskaya teaching method there is an Art Studio in Moscow called “Materinskaya School”. At the same time as Galina Rozhdestvenskaya had her own works displayed she also organized  exhibitions of children’s work in different venues in Moscow. Her motivations were enthusiasm and altruism and she never took any fee for the art classes. During her teaching career she collected numbers of masterpieces of children’s creativity. Galina Rozhdestvenskaya died in Saint-Petersburg and was buried in her hometown Petushki.
This exhibition is a part of the international festival “Palette of Accords”.
The exhibition is open from the 12th of January, 2013 until the 13th of February, 2013 in the Pavel Chistyakov Memorial Museum. 


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