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“Rock-Butterflies” and the “Effect of Fish” at the Museum “Penates”

From the 12th of January, 2013 until the 13th of February, 2013 the Ilya Repin Museum - “Penates” hosts the exhibitions: “Rock-Butterflies” and the “Effect of Fish”. This exhibition features works by famous Russian artist, Igor Frolov, who uses glass as a medium and works by American designer Chuck Davidson.
 Chuck Davidson is a world-known American artist-designer. For more than 40 years he has been working with renowned watch companies such as Citizen, Corum, Concord, Movado, Piaget.  His watch design work is represented in the permanent collections of the Washington Smithsonian Museum and the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York. At the Museum “Penates” however one will find not watches, but unusual art works, which the artist himself positions as ”Archeoart” installations. The term "Archeoart" refers to the material Chuck Davidson applies: objects found in the ground or on the ground. Therefore stones and excavated man made objects, decayed and aged with patinas, come to life and continue to live in another incarnation. Rock-Butterflies “Geolomorphosis" - is the latest work in a series of very involving ”Archeoart” installations by the artist that represents amazing transformations of heavy rocks into light magical butterflies. To put the creative process scientifically, “Geolomorphosis" by Chuck Davidson is the process of searching different stones that are symbolically treated as cocoons. In a mechanical process, the stones are split in two symmetrical parts and transformed shift into “butterflies”. Then, using fantasy and artist’s flair, he decorates the stones with different “fragments of human civilization”. Amongst the materials there are metal, ceramics and wood. This combination of natural and human made materials attaches a special mystery to the oeuvre of Chuck Davidson. The aesthetics of his work is magnetic and at the same time elegant. In his work the artist transforms raw materials and debris into graceful and inspired objects.
Igor Frolov is an artist that works with glass. He was born in Petrozavodsk in 1982 and graduated the Saint-Petersburg Industrial Art and Design Academy named after A. Shiglits. Frolov is a granted fellow of the Karelian branch of the Russian Cultural Fund, and he participated in different exhibitions of graphics in France, Belgium and Romania. From 1997 to 2004 Igor Frolov was a member of the art group «ПиПП-Арт» and in 2010 he became a member of the art group “Glass people”. Recently the artist has participated in various exhibitions featuring glass works in Russia and abroad. Today Igor Frolov lives and works in Saint-Petersburg.
Although the artist is still very young he is already working in different techniques of glass fusing and glassblowing. The “Penates” Museum displays his works featuring the “Fish and fish coming out on the shore” theme. One can compare these works with the”Archeoart” installations by Chuck Davidson: their works remind us of some paleontological rarities. Igor Frolov’s works are made in the glassblowing technique, main principles and chemical-physical background of which is that an artist works with hot glassblowing and should start and finish his work, including the decorations, straight to the smelting furnace. Each object is made with human hands, not mechanically and each object is therefore unique: it carries the author’s “signature”. Glass works made according to this technique are usually recognized by their vivid, bright colour and entrancing textures. These glass works are made especially for decoration of interior spaces, which is why they gained another title – Interior Glass.
The exhibitions “Rock-Butterflies” and the “Effect of Fish” are open everyday from the 12th of January, 2013 until the 13th of February, 2013 from 10.30 to 16 except Monday and Tuesday.


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