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Anna Manina. The innermost

 From the 6th of February, 2013 until the 17th of February, 2013 an exhibition featuring works by Anna Manina is open at the memorial museum of Brodsky.  Anna Manina was born in 1971 in a family of artists. Since her childhood she was interested in arts. Already when she was a child, working in her parent’s studio, later the Hermitage art-studio and the Palace of Youth Creativity, Anna Manina learned to put her ideas into drawings, paintings and pottery. Later she graduated from the Art College named after V. A. Serov in Leningrad (at the moment – Art College named after N. Roerich). Anna Manina took part in different exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Her favorite genres are portrait, still-life and imaginary compositions. The artist usually works with materials like canvas, cardboard, silk and clay, but her interest in techniques varies. The artist's experiments in floral compositions have been exhibited at the Union of the Artists and during the festivals in Pavlovsk. In the summer of 2012 one could enjoy her floral installation “A Devotion to Splendid Saint-Petersburg” as it was created and exhibited at the 5th international festival “The Imperial Gardens of Russia”. In 2010 Anna Manina together with K. A. Petrova published the book “The way to mastery: practical advice to floral designers”. The main art movement the artist belongs to is surrealism. The works of Anna Manina are illusions that do not need rational perception. In her works the unconscious talks with the unconscious: colors, shapes, moves, rhythms. The exhibition is open until the 17th of February, 2013.

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