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Stas Borodin. Paintings. Wendelin Stahl. Ceramics.“Germany”

 On the 30th of January, 2013 the Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts in Saint-Petersburg hosted  the grand opening of the exhibition “Germany”. The highlights of the exhibition are works by two artists: Stas Borodin, the artist from Saint-Petersburg and Wendelin Stahl, famous ceramic designer from Germany. 

 The works by Stas Borodin convey an impressionistic idea of Germany, where the artist has been living and creating for many years. Being a passionate open-air artist Stas Borodin travels around the world and creates his works only from nature. As he puts it himself: “during my travels I paint in the studio of open air, sometimes I dip brushes into the sun beams, dew drops, rain, and frozen air”.  Indeed, the painting practice of Stas Borodin is closely connected or even depends on the subtle states of nature. It happened that the first country where Stas Borodin had his personal exhibition was Germany. It opened in 1991 in Kempen and was a great success. This exhibition played a determining role in artist’s life. After this successful exhibition he made a bicycle trip to Cologne as a painter. By now Stas Borodin has had over 20 personal exhibitions in German cities: Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Brandenburg, Frankfurt-am-Main, Blankenheim, Eschborn, Bad Homburg, Sankt Aldegund, Zella-Mehlis, Wildenbruch, Bad Homburg, Halle, Sprockhövel, Penkun etc. The exhibition in the Museum of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts features landscapes of these very areas. 

In 1992 Stas Borodin met an outstanding ceramic artist – Wendelin Stahl (1922 - 2000). As many followers of the artist Wendelin Stahl Stas Borodin was invited to spend time and work in his residence – the middle age castle Burg Coraidelstein in Klotten. In this castle Stas Borodin  participated in exhibitions in the gallery of Wendelin Stahl. To keep the tradition and to commemorate the great master Wendelin Stahl, Stas Borodin shows ceramic works by Wendelin Stahl from his own collection and the collection of Alexander Gladkoy. 

Wendelin Stahl is one of the outstanding ceramic artists. As critics put: “The name of Wendelin Stahl marks the whole epoch in the history of ceramics.” The artist was born in 1922 in Höhr-Grenzhausen in the family of ceramic masters. During 1937 and 1938 he was a student-assistant at  Kunow & Drossé. After the II World War he continued to study while working for his father's company. From the 1952 he worked together with his wife Else Harney in the castle Burg Coraidelstein. His wife died in 1984.

For many artists who took ceramic classes in 1970-s and 1980-s Wendelin Stahl's oeuvre was an example not only of an excellent, highly professional way of making ceramics but also of decoration. Wendelin Stahl used traditional German ceramic skills in making forms and colour techniques of ancient oriental examples in decoration.  

During his life-time the castle where Wendelin Stahl had been creating ceramic masterpieces was very famous and a lot of students desired to visit it and to learn from the master.

Wendelin Stahl died in the year 2000. The castle Coraidelstein and the artist’s gallery are probably about to get museum status. However, the works in the exhibition keep the memory of this great artist alive.



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