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“Women in different worlds”. Personal exhibition of Carlo Carli

 On the 8th of May, 2013 the Blue Hall of the Art Academy Museum will host a personal exhibition dedicated to the oeuvre of the Tuscan artist Carlo Carli. The highlights of the exhibition are works devoted to “woman” – an artist’s muse, the heroine of displayed works.

The collection of works by Carlo Carli reveals his artistic reflection on the contemporary issues using the poetry of painting. “Extrapolateting different images from newspapers, web sites, and television - as Elizabetta Vannocci puts it – Carlo Carli peers with excitement and amazement into women’s faces from “different worlds”. The artist compares these women, who differ in terms of culture and tradition, within the boundaries of an ideal dialogue. Thus, peeling the images from their context, the artist underlines the contradictions of the Western world. In this process, the “woman” finds herself as an embodiment of a dichotomy and becomes a symbol of struggle and antinomies, frequently being its victim and its hero”.

Carlo Carli’s work shows us the different economic and social conditions that affect modern women. “On one hand, there are beautiful ladies – as Mauricio Vanni puts it – who seem to descend from magazine covers and demonstrate their femininity physical nature to us via flesh communication. On the other hand there is the poverty, loneliness and frustration of others; the dramas of those who have been abused, and unbearable pain of those who have lost everything. Carli offers us painting structures where appearance meets the dramatic reality of life. In other words, “palimpsest” slowly turns into “existential comedy”, in which there are no social conventions and the miserable human dimensions turn into amazing triumph of human spirit.”

The exhibition features both the early works of the artist and the latest ones. It begins with a series of works titled “Migrants”. It brings to the viewers such social issues and artistic themes as the denial of the motherland and the struggle associated with moving to other places.  One can bear witness to these heroines’ hopes which slowly turn into desperation due to the social and psychological pressures that take their toll on women, thought the aesthetic ideals of how beautiful and ephemeral woman should look.

The exposition ends with the latest works of Carlo Carli. These works are made as a collage which the artist accents with the touch of a brush. As Elizabetta Vannocci puts it, the merciless journalistic detachment gains a human face, thanks to artist’s delicate new interpretation.

As part of a series of international exhibitions, the exhibition “Women in different worlds” was organized with the support of curator Elizabeth Vanocci, the General Consulate of Italy and the Institute of Italian Culture in Saint Petersburg. 

Artist’s Biography

Carlo Carli was born on the 13th of December 1945 in Pietrasanta, where he obtained his diploma in art at the Stagio Stagi art school. He has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. After obtaining his degree in Art Education, he became teacher of art subjects and painting and started taking part in several art exhibitions such as the Rimini National Biennial Exhibition; the Florence International Prize “Brunellesco”; the Massa prize “Michelangelo d’Oro”; and the Viareggio “Collection 71”. He has held several exhibitions, including one-man shows in the Saletta D’Arte “Airone” in Marina di Pietrasanta, in the cloister of San Salvatore (Pietrasanta), as well as in the “Giorgio Vasari” gallery in Arezzo.

Carlo Carli has been very active in politics and was a Member of Parliament for the Democrats of the Left from 1994 until 2006. During the second Amato Government, he was appointed Undersecretary for Cultural Heritage and Promotion.


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