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A Retrospective Exhibition

The Raphael Hall of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum


For the present day Marjatta Tapiola is one of the most internationally acclaimed contemporary Finnish artists. Her works have been praised by the harshest critics and she has received numerous awards both home and abroad. Her works are exhibited in the leading museums and galleries of Finland.


Marjatta Tapiola (born 1951) paints with passion, and her work has a strong, expressive power. Both her way of painting and her choice of subjects are keenly physical and sensuous. Tapiola’s artistic breakthrough in the early 1980s coincided with the rise of neo-expressionism. Her unique art does not, however, fit easily within the conventional boundaries of artistic movements. The exhibition is comprised of thirty works from the start of her career until now.


In her works Tapiola has evolved from conceptual presentation of human cruelty towards expressing beingness caught in physical body and death as an ultimate stance of peace and harmony. In the beginning of the 21th century she moves away from these motifs to paint animals in their full natural strength and harmony. Later on, she begins to fill her works with subjects of Greek mythology that remains as the main focus of her artistic explorations till the present day.


“…her last works force the spectator to forget his position and immerse himself into the world of dynamic and spellbinding strokes. The paintings shamelessly examine the energy, light, and the joy of life and the foretaste of happiness; her mythical horned bulls of the Mediterranean, antique heroes and hoofs of satyrs force you to wake up. It’s a space, where it’s good to dwell".” Timo Valjakka, Finnish art critic.

June, 6-30



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