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From the Danube to Kamchatka. Watercolors by Alexander Nikolaevich Vasiliev.

 From the Danube to Kamchatka.
Watercolors by Alexander Nikolaevich Vasiliev.

Alexander Vasiliev was born in Kazan in the 1930s. As a child he showed a strong interest in the arts. After eight years of secondary education he enrolled in the art school at Kazan College of Arts. However, as he realized he wanted to become an architect and that he would need knowledge of exact sciences, he returned to graduate the secondary school. In 1948 he enrolled in the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Repin at the Architectural department. His teachers were S. L. Abugov, an outstanding drawer and pedagogue, Pen Varlen – the teacher of drawing at the painting department of the theater decorations studio, O. A. Vinogradova – the teacher of Painting and S. Y. Turkovsky – honored teacher of architectural graphics. The artist was taught architectural designing by E. A. Levinson. In the 1954 Alexander Vasiliev graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and was invited to work for the Leningrad’s branch of the Hydro Project Institute. This determined not only his future life but also the circle of his professional and artistic interests. Among his duties as an architect there were designing industrial buildings, and combining them with the areas of residential settlements and nature. These tasks required not only technical knowledge but a creative attitude as well. With his participation as the chief architect there were built more then 20 hydro technical complexes and more then 40 projects of area developments. Among them seven hydro technical complexes on the river Sulak and its confluents in Dagestan, hydro electrical station-2 on the Kola peninsula, hydro electrical stations on Kamchatka and others are to be found. Moreover, each hydro electrical station has a designed settlement for the station workers. 
The scale of work being done amazes. Nevertheless, being an artist Alxander Vasiliev combined his architectural work with painting. He always had moments to capture what he saw in different sketches, watercolor etudes and drawings. The artist traveled a lot, from the Danube to Kamchatka. He saw and experienced different landscape views and weather characteristics. Among his works, probably the strongest ones depict the beauty of Russian rivers – the Volga, the Kama, and the Yenisei. Looking at these works one can definitely feel the supreme power of nature and, despite all the changes people has created, its domination over humans. For these motifs the artist chose a special horizontal format consisting of two or three album sheets. During all these years the collection of more than 600 works has been completed. The main part of it consists of watercolors of Dagestan, the Caucasus, and Kola Peninsula, Siberia, Kamchatka and others. His works are in collections of the Leningrad’s history museum, Dagestan’s museum, and private collections. 
The exhibition is open until the 22th of September, 2013
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