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This is for the heroic deeds not to vanish beyond recall for generations to come. (Works by the Trophy Committee in the collection of the Scientific Research Museum of the Russian Art Academy)

The Blue hall of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum is hosting an exhibition that marks the 100-years anniversary of the First World War. It features paintings and graphic works created during 1915-1917 in the framework of the Trophy Committee by the Russian artists of that epoch such as G. S. Vereisky, P. D. Pokardzevsky, R.R. Frents, P. V. Miturich and P. I. Kotov.
The Committee was originally organized in May, 1911 at the Imperial Military Camp office and its aim was to detect and to record military trophies of the Russian army. The Committee had already done a significant work and recorded a number of art pieces from different museums, military cathedrals, archives and libraries of Imperial Russia before World War I started. After the war had begun the Committee expanded its activity. In order to find art works which commemorated heroic deeds by Russian soldiers members of the Committee regularly attended the theaters of military operations. Besides the Committee members, many famous artists also went to the front to cooperate with the Trophy Committee. The first trip to the Western front took place in May, 1915. It was directly connected with the activity of the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts: the Military-Artistic division including 5 students of the studio of N. S. Samokish and the professor himself was commissioned to the forward positions, in the field. Their itinerary was as follows: Belostok, Lomdja, Ostrolenka, fortress Osovets and Baranovichi, where the General headquarter was located, then through Kiev and Sevastopol to the Caucasus front. Drawings and etudes had been created immediately in the war zone, often under fire. The exhibition displays the "Portrait of the artist N.S. Samokish working in the war field", the art piece by P.V.Miturich made after nature in the region of Lomdja. 
The result of this 3 months trip is almost 400 artworks which were exhibited at the exhibition "On the War" in the halls of the Art Academy in December, 1916. 
Later the Trophy Committee was commissioned a new mission: to collect works for the Military chamber of the Museum of the Great War which was to be created. 
G. S. Vereisky, eventually a famous artist, during 1915-1917 took an active part in the work of the Trophy Committee. The exhibition displays the portraits of the cavaliers and some military genre compositions made by G. S. Vereisky. During the summer of 1917 the artist visited the Riga section of the North-Western front, where had recently happened bloody fights just before Christmas. His inspiration was from the enormous structures around the Pulemetnaya Gorka which later became the symbol of the Russian and Latvian soldiers courage and the faces of the soldiers of the 9th Siberian infantry division which just had returned back there from the night secret service. 
All of the mentioned works will be exhibited for the first time. 
The exhibition will be open until the 30th of September, 2014


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