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Exhibition of works by the National artist of the USSR Alexey Gritsai in the Art Academy museum halls

Since the 5th of December, 2014 the Blue hall of the Art Academy museum has been hosting an exhibition featuring works by the artist A. Gritsai. 

The artist was born in Petersburg. He graduated from the Art Academy, studios of the famous Soviet artists such as V. Yakovlev and I. Brodsky. Since the 22nd of June, 1941 the artist had fought in the Great Patriotic War fronts. Ever since A. Gritsai returned he dedicated his life to art. Amongst various art genres landscape became one of his favorites. 

It is even more significant if one will remember that during the revolutionary art (1930-1950s) landscape genre was not in favor. Only few outstanding artists kept developing new approaches in it: P. Konchalovsky, A. Plastov, S. Gerasimov, I. Grabar. The Great Patriotic War changed the society and had a tremendous impact on art. One of the prominent Soviet artists, G. Kordjev, said “I can say it, that after the war our art had started to develop differently. The generation that won the war, that learned a lot from it and paid for this knowledge with many lives and a lot of blood, returned from the army. The country was flooded with people who became different. They saw everything in a different perception; they saw everything clear as never before… That is how new art, more honest and in search of virtue, was born”.

Alexey Gritsai was one among those artists who returned from the war and who were destined to develop further traditions of the Russian landscapes. Artists who saw death during war many times over tended to celebrate life, nature and beauty in their art, and tended to see an image of the world and a portrait of a soul through a landscape. For those artists escaping from the totalitarian and propaganda formulas of the monumental Socialist realism and from sugary sweet plots of the Soviet “biedermeier” into a pure landscape and into a search of new artistic basis of being was an expression of their civil position. 
Picturesque works by A. Gritsai are very poetic. The artist found such motifs of Russian nature that no one seems to have shown before him: “First grass”, “Spring soil”, “Snowdrops” etc. In his works one will also find evidence of the great rethinking and interpretation of landscape art from Barbizon school and V. Serov and I. Levitan to L. Turjansky and S. Gerasimov.

 The exhibition will be open until the 18th of January, 2015.


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