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“From a private collection”. An exhibition of works by Tatyana Potvorov and Valery Potvorov in the I. Brodsky memorial musem

From the 21st of January, 2015 the memorial museum of I. Brodsky has been hosting an exhibition “From a private collection” which features works by the young Belorussian artists Tatyana and Valery Potvorov. The exhibition is mainly formed from the artist’s favorite and recently created art pieces that have never been displayed before. These paintings are notable for its cheerful and sincere views on life and positive energy. As the artists love to travel their works might allow us also to have an exciting stroll through the cities of Belorussia, Russia, Poland, France and Italy while observing the exhibition.  Each work shows a unique artistic attitude towards reality. Snowy Petersburg, Moscow lights, Nizny Novgorod’s churches, sunny embankments, a market in Kobrin or festive bouquets – these are the subjects of their paintings.  Provincial architecture or prosperous streets of a country’s capital, strict boulevards or cozy backyards – all have been visualized by Tatyana and Valery according to their sense of art. Being quite young artists Tatyana and Valery Potvorov have already gained not only viewer’s interest but an approval by many art galleries in Belorussia and abroad. At present both artists are considered by art dealers as promising painters.  

The exhibition will be open until the 1st of February, 2015


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