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The annual spring exhibition of the teachers of the State art, sculpture and architecture college named after I.Y. Repin

The annual spring exhibition of the teachers of the State art, sculpture and architecture college named after I.Y. Repin is being held at 3pm on April 10th , 2009 in the Parade halls.

The tradition of conducting these types of exhibits begins in 1897 when the first exhibition was held in the halls of the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition introduced the painter’s new pieces of art to the public; especially of young artists, who did not belong to the academic circle. The works displayed there were of special artistic dignity and were not previously displayed in Saint Petersburg. The initiator of this exhibition was Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi. In 1918 this tradition was broken and almost 80 years later, in April 1996 with efforts of teachers of the art department of I.Y. Repin college, the tradition was restored.

The modern exhibitions are of a different character. They only display pieces of art of I.Y. Repin college teachers, which were made within the last few years. Many of the pieces of art displayed at the exposition will be shown to the viewers for the first time.
The annual exhibition of I.Y. Repin college teachers is a noticeable event in the art life of Petersburg. It provides the possibility to see and collate creative accomplishments of artists from different generations, unified by a single academic tradition, inherited by them within the college walls, carefully preserved and passed on to today’s students.

This year the exhibition will display more than 150 pieces of art: painting, sculpture and graphic art work. All pieces are completed in different techniques and styles. Among the participants are well known Petersburg masters like A. Mylnikov, O. Eremeev, A Pahomov, Li Klim, A. Andreev, P. Tatarnikov, A. Sinitsa, A. Charkin, I Korneev, P. Shevchenko, A. Shlyahtin and many others.

The display of the exhibition provides a great possibility to trace the evolution of the entire school as well as view art of individual masters, their extraordinary range and variety of interests, the depth of their creative quests and high professional skills. During the exhibition a film on the painters participating in it will be shown.
The exhibition will be open until April 30th 2009.



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