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Raphael Epoch and Russian School of Art

This is the name of the exhibition prepared by the Scientific-Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts jointly with the Consulate General of Italy in Saint Petersburg. In its Ceremonial halls in autumn 2008 there will take place an exhibition of the museums’ funds within the framework of 250th anniversary of Russia’s oldest museum of arts. This exhibition will present over 100 painted and pencil copies of the 18th-19th centuries of the works of Rafael and his contemporaries – P. Perugino, Andrea del Sarto; prints of the European and the Russian schools representing the most famous works of one of the greatest masters of Cinquecento; magnificent watercolors of Russian architects made during the period of their improvement study in Italy (F.F. Richter “Interior of the loggia in the villa of Madama in Rome”, 1836). To let us approach to this far epoch the exhibition also includes unique cork patterns of antique monuments of Rome, as well as of Pantheon, Arches of Triumph. Made in the studio of Antonio Chichi by the order of Katherine II they magnificently represent the image of the “eternal city”, of the buildings admired by the master.
Raphael Santi whose anniversary - 525 years from the birth – is celebrated by the world this year has become for the Russian school or arts the example of perfection and profound comprehension of antique images like no other representative of the Renaissance culture. The visitors will have an opportunity to appreciate the high quality of full-size replicas made by talented Russian painters – K.P. Bryullov, F.A.Bruni, T, Goretsky, brothers M.T. and A.T. Markovs and others. Replicating perfect models of outstanding painters of the past , and first of all of Raphael, was one of the most important studies in the Emperor Academy of Arts. For the first time there will be exhibited excellent replicas of European masters from such famous original works of Raphael, as “Three Graces”, “Madonna with the Goldfinch” painted in the 18th century. A special atmosphere of the exhibition is created due to the fact that it will take place in extremely beautiful Raphael and Titian halls the walls of which are decorated with the replicas of frescos and canvases of coryphaei of the Italian art.
Four electrotypes will give an idea of the epoch’s sculpture: relief “Laying in the Coffin” and two statues –“Joann the Baptist” and “Christ in a Crown of Thorns” of Donatello, as well as sculpture “Perseus with the Head of Medusa” of Benvenuto Cellini.
Museum’s restorers started preparation of the works for this exhibition.  A complicated restoration work with a big drawing – painting cartoon for the Loggia of Psyche of the Villa de Borghese, replicas of the paintings – “Saint Family” and “Ascension of Maria” of Andrea del Sarto is taking place. These works together with “Lot with his Daughters” of Perino del Vaga will be exhibited for the first time.
This exhibition is unique also because a visitor can get a comprehensive idea of all stages of a short creative path of Raphael in spite of the fact that the exhibition does not expose the original works of Raphael.

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