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Scientific work
Saint-Petersburg, Universitetskaya embankment, 17.
phone: (812) 323-3578, (812) 323-6496
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Exhibition of artwork by Nicholas and Tatiana Yassievich “Dialog after fifty years”

On June 10 at 16:00 the Scientific-Research museum of the Russian Academy of Art and Museum-Apartment of I.I. Brodsky is inviting you to an opening of the exhibition of art work by Nicholas and Tatiana Yassievich “Dialog after fifty years”.

Nicholas Nikodimovich Yassievich (1902-1976) is an artist-painter and a participant of the Civil and World War II. In 1937 he had finished the Art Academy at the workshop of I.I. Brodsky. After defending the diploma painting “Kirov – honorable elder”, he continued his studies at the postgraduate Academy of Art, directorship of which was given to B.V. Ioganson following the death of I.I. Brodsky. Yassievich was a wonderful portrait artist and had created many multi-figure paintings. From 1937 he became the member of the Artist Union. Paintings of N.N. Yassievich are kept in different museums of the country.

Tatiana Yassievich is the grand daughter of Nicholas Nickodimovich and a graduate of B.V. Ioganson Art School, she then continued her studies in the Higher Art School of V.I. Muhina. In 1991 she entered the Art Academy in the city of Utrecht in Netherlands. After graduating it with honors she entered the post academy Ateliers 63 in Amsterdam, where famous Western painters like Dibbets, Ben Akkerman, Stanley Brown and others teach. Petersburg plays a big part in Tatiana’s creative work. She paints the city by memory; displaying train stations, cafes, parks, streets and squares of Petersburg. In her creations, public and crowded places are displayed without any people and contain a unique atmosphere. In 1996 Tatiana Yassievich had received a European prize for her artwork from the province of West Flanders. Her creations can be found among public and private collections of Western Europe. She constantly strives to interpret her grandfathers influence on her work; his work was a bright example of social realism in the 30’s.

The family exhibition of the two artists at the Museum-Apartment of I.I. Brodsky allows comparing the creative work of an artist form the Stalin era, the student of I. I. Brodsky, to the creations of a modern Russian painter working in the West.

The exhibition will be held until June 21
Contact telephone: 314-36-58, Natalia Michailovna Balakina




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