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Exhibition of works by Vitaly Borovik, for the painter’s 60th anniversary

Exhibition of works by Vitaly Lvovich Borovik opens its doors on June 11, 2009 in Titsianovsky hall at the Scientific-research museum of the Russian Academy of Arts (Universitetskaya embankment 17, Saint Petersburg). It is dedicated to the painter’s 60th anniversary.

V.L. Borovik was born in Leningrad on May 31, 1949. In 1968 he enrolled in the Institute of Art, Sculpture and Architecture of I.Y. Repin and had graduated in 1974 in the workshop of the National artist of the USSR and Russia, academician, professor A.A. Mylnikov. He was then accepted to postgraduate studies at the Insitute of I.Y. Repin, which he had finished in 1977 with a painting project of the sports games palace “Zenit” (architect G.P. Morozov).

In 1977 the painter was given a teaching position at the I.Y. Repin Institute. He later taught as a professor at the work shop of the National painter of USSR, academician, professor U.M. Neprintsev (currently the work shop of O.A. Eremeev).

In 1978 V.L. Borovik became the member of the USSR and Artists’ Union of Russia.

Vitaly Lvovich Borovik is a participant of national, republic, city and international exhibitions. His works were presented at more than a hundred exhibitions, in particular at five personal events: Kronshtadt (1979), Kolpino (1989), Fort Erie, Canada (1996), at the halls of the Academy of Arts, Saint Petersburg (1999) and Taegu, South Korea (2000).

This is a painter of a wide creative spectrum, who is a master of various genres of pictorial art: easel painting, portrait, still-life and landscape painting. No matter what genre the painter worked in he always stayed following the traditions of Russian and European art schools.

Works of Vitaly Borovik are in the museums of Russia and in private collections of Finland, Poland, Germany, France, England, Italy, Australia, Canada, USA, South Korea and China.

Creative work of V.L. Borovik is distinguished by lyricism and deep insight into the spiritual and chastity world of nature and love to people which he depicts. The painter’s talent is at its peak and we would like to wish V.L. Borovik to please viewers with his creative discoveries in the future.

The exhibition is open from June 11 to 28, 2009.


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