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The Young Talents. Annual exhibition of summer art works of the I. Y. Repin Institute’s students

   On 12 November, at 15:00, summer art work exhibition “The Young Talents” of students of St.-Petersburg Academic Painting, Sculpture and Architecture Institute named after I. Y. Repin will be inaugurated in the staterooms of the Academy of Arts.
Summer art practices of students are the integral part of training process. Students from all departments go to various sites of our country. The traditional site for the 1st course students of painting and graphics departments is Pushkinskiye Gory. This site is selected for good reason.

   To study the logics of painting in plein-air conditions, the 2nd course students of painting and graphics departments retreat for practice to Crimea, Alupka. Here, they also introduce themselves with the nature, domestic life of inhabitants of the Vorontcov Palace. The bright sun, warmth, and the sea… They have great opportunity to visit the well-known Crimean sights: Bakhchisarai, Feodosia, Gurzuf, and Balaklava, and to get knowledge on the domestic life of aboriginal population of Crimea.
Students of graphics department proceed to the North, traveling on Rivers Onega and Svir. The beauty of the northern stretches is reflected in water colors, pictures and sketches of students. Many of the materials collected therein serve as prototype for future paintings and graphic sheets.
Of important value in studying the legacy of art masters is reproducing practices. Among those are reproductions made by students in the biggest museums of St.-Petersburg – The State Hermitage and the State Russian Museum, the Museum of Russian Academy of Arts, and reproduced frescoes and icons from the collection of the Pskov Museum-Reserve.

  During the summer practices, students of sculpture department deal with hard materials. This implies sculptures made of marble, wood, and by casting.
Of special interest for future monument artists is studying the mosaic techniques traditionally taught in the Mosaic Workshop of the Russian Academy of Arts.
Students of senior courses of the stage decoration painting workshop get themselves introduced with artist practices in production workshops of St.-Petersburg theatres, by making individual decoration work.

  During the summer practices, students of architecture department make a topographic survey of territories and take measurements of various architectural facilities.
For students of the art theory and history department, the summer practice is introduction with future profession in museum depositories, editorial boards and publishing offices.
The exhibition will last until November 28, 2010.



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