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German Egoshin. Paintings. The 80 year anniversary of the birth of the artist.

In the museum of the RussianAcademy of Art soon there will be an exhibition of the woks of the well-known painter, honoured artist of the Russian Federation, member of the RussianAcademy of Art, German Egoshin (1931-2009). In the exposition you will find more than 60 works that span almost half a century of artistic activity. Portraits, landscapes, genre compositions and still lives will be represented.

German Egoshin was born in Leningrad in 1931. He studied in the Leningrad artistic school in the name of Serov V. A. in 1949-1950, then in the Leningrad artistic secondary school (1950-1953). In 1959 he graduated from the studio of  Ioganson B. V. in the Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture in the name of Repin I. E. of the USSR Academy of Art.

From 1961 German Egoshin was a member of the artists’ union of the USSR, the active participant of the exhibitions in Russia and abroad. He is one of the creative leaders of the north capital in the 1960-s, initiator and an active member of the group “Eleven”, made in the artists’ union of Leningrad. In the period from 1959 till 1999 Egoshin was a participant of more than 70 exhibitions in different towns in our country and abroad – in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, CzechRepublic, USA, Japan.

His first independent steps in art are already characterized by the deviation from the academic tradition, the present stereotypes. From the very beginning of his artistic way he was interested in the art of the 1910-1920-s, mostly by the masters – Pavel Konchalovsky, Ilia Mashkov and others. He followed stylistics of “the Russian Cezzanism” in the understanding of colour, composition, conception of space and artificial aspect of nature. Later the source of inspiration for him was the postmodernism style.

Thanks to his variety and wealth of colour his works interested the audience immediately. In 1960-70-s remarked by the prominent rise of the creative energy, searching of the values, the artist made many experiments, referred to as different variants of the avant-garde painting,   often regarding to the active deformation of the form to primitivism and so on. The early works of German Egoshin are marked by some schematics of images that later are changed by active picturesque origin; the silhouettes and the interaction of colour masses carry the main meaning.

The creative work of German Egoshin, on the whole, is optimistic according to its supply of emotions. The lightness of the air and the heaviness of primary nature are harmonized in his works, thanks to his skill to construct the compositional structures, when every object of the picture that is of definite interest finds significance in the juxtaposition with other objects, for example, in his still life – “The still life. Cup and cigarettes”, ‘Still life with the lamp”, “The Finnish secretaire”, “The rowan tree”.

In his creative work he often referred to self-portrait that allows us to see the inner world of the artist, to follow the formation of his personality. Two self-portraits with the difference in the decade represented in the exposition are painted in the abstract manner.

In his landscapes, different motives of picturing are joined closer, there nature lives in its feelings, it is chaotic – ‘The February day in the Crimea”,   “The sheds”, “The wind day in  Losev”.

In his works German Egoshin, the artist of the complicated attitude, combines emotionality and skill in the best traditions of the fine art of the 19th century.

The works of German Egoshin are located in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, The State Russian Museum and other museums of our country and also in foreign collections (The Museum Albertinum, Dresden; the collection of  P. Ludwig, Koln; the collection of Schtekkert, Munhen; the private collections in USA, Japan, France, Spain).

The exhibition of the works of German Egoshin, represented in the halls of the museum of the RussianAcademy of Art, allows the audience to see the world transformed by the artist and feel it.


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