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The exhibition of works by Dmitry Belyaev

       The Art Academy Museum and the “The Blue Hall” gallery of the Saint-Petersburg Union of artists present a shared project – the exhibition of works by Dmitry Belyaev, one of Russia's honored artists and World War II veteran. This exhibition is devoted both to the 90th anniversary of the artist’s birth and the 70th anniversary of the beginning of World War II.
The grand opening will take place on May 5th at 3 pm in the conference hall of Art Academy Museum.
Dmitry Belyaev is the artist of happy destiny. It is well known that to become a successful painter a person needs to have not only talent and skills, but also a strong personality and a good sense of the time, the epoch in which one is born. Also the strength of the personality should fit the scale of the talent. Dmitry always knew exactly what he wanted to achieve and step by step he worked towards his goal.  
Already at a very early age Belyaev realized his vocation in life – to be an artist – and he passed all the stages, from the student to master, never having any doubts about his professional skills and his choice to become an artist.
In some way his destiny was typical to most artists of his time. He started studying in 1930-ies in Moscow then became a soldier for 5 years.
By the time World War II was over Belyaev was a senior sergeant in armoured units and he had suffered an injury. The artist was happy to return to study art as a student of the painting department of the Leningrad Institute of Ilya Repin. He was lucky with teachers: during the first year his drawing teacher was S. L. Abugov who was an outstanding drawer and pedagogue. The last year in the institute he was one of the B. V. Ioganson’s studio students.    
His graduation work was called “For peace” and got an excellent mark. The dream of his life came true, or as Belyaev once recalled: “It was the happiest year in my life. I showed my gratitude to my teachers… I showed my gratitude to the sacred walls of the Art Academy…”. From this moment a new life started for Belyaev, a life full of new creative ideas, the time of shaping his own style. From the different genres in painting he choose the genre of big format painting. It was common for the artists of the 50-ies and 60-ies to represent the life around them using very big formats. 
Among the most popular art works of this period we should mention the “On Oka” (1956), “The Terrible 1941” (1967), and “On the River” (1961). In his later painting he also used the big format: “The Home” (1985), “Evening in the Village” (1997), and “Rest” (1985). Each painting is like a song made on canvas thanks to the colors, heart and talent of the artist.
In the landscape paintings Belyaev definitely accomplished a high level of painting skills. “Zelenya” (1973), “The Olhen Island” (1960), “White Night on Volhov” (1979), and “Night” (1997). In these works we can feel the emotional state of artist, his tender love towards native land. 
 His strong interest in the lives and characters of his contemporaries made him interested in portrait as an art genre. In his portraits the Belyaev discovered the inner world of the model, its characteristic features. The most popular works by Belyaev in this genre are “Efim, the Old Kolkhoz Watchman” (1953), “Needlewoman Egorova Matrena Ivanovna” (1982), and “Portrait of N.N. Urvanceva” (1975) .
Dmitry Belyaev passed his road in the art world with confidence and never had any doubts about his devotion. His works are always the results of deep emotions. The artist is always sincere to us in his works and wants to show what he experienced himself as a human being and noticed as an artist.
The exhibition will be open till June 5th, 2011.
The opening hours are from 11 am till 6 pm, the ticket office is open until 5.15pm.
The exhibition is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Phone number: 323-35-78; 323-64-96


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