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Scientific work
Saint-Petersburg, Universitetskaya embankment, 17.
phone: (812) 323-3578, (812) 323-6496
Titian hall
Conference hall
Raphael hall
Katherine hall






Conference hall

It is the central hall of the ceremonial enfilade which comprises Raphael, Titian and Katherine halls. In different times of the Academy of Arts’ existence different Ceremonial Halls were used as a Conference hall one by one.  
 Central “Shebuebsky” hall covered by a cupola is located between Raphael and Titian halls. Based on the brought to life project of K.A.Ton (which he was working on till the end of 1820s) the choir of the second floor was supported by a circle piazza. In the center of the rotunda there was placed a big equestrian statue of the Counselor Balb (plaster casting of a Roman sculpture of the 1st century AD). Such interior design had been preserved over 20 years – till 1860s, before the 100-year anniversary of the Charter gifted to the Academy by Katherine II Shebuyevsky hall was rebuilt in accordance with the design of A.I. Rezanov – piazza and the counselor’s sculpture were removed.  
From 1860s (up to now) the central rotunda is used as a Conference hall. The walls were decorated with the portraits of the presidents of the Emperor Academy of Arts; there were made long wooden benches with leather seats designed by the architect R.A. Gedike. In 1870s stained glass windows “Painting”, “Sculpture”, “Architecture” made by V.D. Sverchkov(1822 – 1888) in Germany started being an important part in the decoration. Installed in the windows of the Conference hall they created a decorating element of a strict interior. Demounted after the WWII these unique patterns of the stained glass art require sufficient renovation measures. 
  The main decoration of the interior of the conference hall is a painting on a plafond of over 17 meters in diameter which is made by the Professor of the historic painting V.K. Shebuyev. It represents a many-figure composition “Celebration on the Olympus on the occasion of restoration of fine arts in Russia”. In the center against the background of the solar disc is depicted Apollo on a cart with a harness of four horses. Flying ahead Aurora, Irida and a baby genius spread flowers on the way of the God of the Sun and the patron of arts. In some distance, to both sides of the cart on the clouds sit the Gods of Olympus: Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite and others. Below the cart there are two groups of muses personalizing sciences and arts in young beautiful women. Between them is the ambassador of the Gods Hermes and Fame, as if flying to the spectators. In its Hands the Fame holds a trumpet and a white gonfalon. On the pole of the gonfalon there are two laurel wreaths and on the cloth - an inscription: “1764 4 November”. On this day Katherine II gifted to the Academy of Arts “the Charter, state and privileges”. It is considered to be the day of its foundation. The painting of the plafond was made by Shebuyev with great skill and is honorably considered to be one of the best masterpieces of the national monumental and decorative painting of the 19th century.  
   Sculptures form an important element in the decoration of the hall. Over the door to the entrance lobby you can see a relief “Zeus, Hera and Hanimed”, and over the side doors – casts of the reliefs by I.P. Prokofiev placed in the lower entrance lobby: “Genius and Arts” and “Establishing the Charter of the Academy of Arts”. These doors connect the conference hall and two mezzanine galleries – Raphael and Titian halls.
Nowadays different ceremonies take place in the Conference hall – sittings, conferences, exhibition opening ceremonies, concerts.  The walls are decorated with the portraits of outstanding teachers of the Academy of 18th-19th centuries. An item which is left from the interior decoration of the 19th century is the chest which was used for keeping the original Charter of 1764 (which is now kept in the archives of the Scientific-Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts).
 The entrance to the Conference hall from the lobby of the second floor is decorated with two three-meter statues of goat-hoofed fauns which are plaster replicas of the Roman sculptures of the 1st century BC. 

On 31st of July museum is closed.
On 20th of March museum is closed.

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